Benefits of Engineered Oak Floorboards in a Home

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Flooring gets a beating because it's walked on all day long, so whatever you spread around your home needs to be durable as well as beautifying. One option which offers both these things is engineered oak floorboards. Consider the following benefits of covering your home in these luscious planks.

Easy to Install

Engineered floorboards don't require staple guns to attach to the sub base underneath. They lock together to form one solid surface, termed a floating floor. Thus, engineered floorboards are easy to install, and you can lay them on different underneath bases, including a concrete slab.

Preserves Timber

Engineered oak planks consist of a plywood core, covered with an oak wood veneer. Plywood consists of thin layers of timber, with the grains set at right angles on each alternate layer. Thus, when manufacturers craft engineered boards, they can use smaller and finer timber pieces than that required for solid floorboards, which need a specific size and thickness to form a plank. Thus, engineered floorboards use precious timber more efficiently by combining smaller pieces.


Solid wood can warp and bow, as it's responsive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Because engineered floorboards consist of a plywood base, they're more resilient and stable. The alternating grains of the layers within the plywood stabilise the board. Because of this resistance to moisture and humidity, you can place engineered floorboards in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms — places where solid timber would deteriorate.

Enhances Room Decors

Natural timber evokes a warmth within a decor that can't be replicated by other materials. For instance, natural stone, though organic, doesn't give off the glow of the wood. Plus, oak trees grow in various species, each of which exhibits its distinctive shade of fawn, honey or brown — providing you with options to flatter your home. Additionally, the engineered planks can be finished differently to be lighter or darker. Whether your decor is traditional, modern, industrial, or vintage, you'll be able to find harmonising oak engineered planks.

Thus, engineered oak flooring provides plenty of benefits. Engineered oak planks are easy to install, and they can go over concrete slabs. These floorboards' unique structure makes them particularly resilient, allowing you to lay them in all areas of the home, including spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, you'll have a range of hues and shades to pick from to enhance the decor of the space.

For more information about engineered oak flooring, contact a local flooring service.