How is Limestone Used in the Construction Industry?

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Many people are unaware of just how versatile limestone is as a material. Limestone is used in the agricultural industry, the construction industry, and much more. If you're involved in construction yourself and want to make yourself aware of a useful material that you might be able to use to your benefit, then you might be curious about the many different uses of limestone. These are a few examples of how limestone is used in the construction industry.

Making Concrete

First of all, as you might be aware, concrete is very popular in the construction industry. Concrete can be used for preparing slab foundations to build houses and other structures on. It can also be used in other areas around construction sites, such as if a driveway is being created or if walkways or sidewalks are being installed.

What you might not know is how concrete is made. In many cases, concrete is made from limestone in a powdered form. Of course, this powder has to be mixed with water and sometimes other materials so that concrete will be ready for pouring. However, limestone is often one of the primary components. Therefore, if you have ever worked with concrete on a construction job, there is a good chance that you have worked with limestone, even if you didn't know it.

Installing Floors and Walls

Limestone is also used both indoors and outdoors for installing floors, walls, and more. You can use limestone to create attractive outdoor facades, for example, or you can use limestone tiles to create gorgeous walls. Limestone tiles are commonly used on floors in construction. Limestone tiles can be commonly found in a variety of different earth tones. These tiles are beautiful, easy to take care of, and long-lasting. They are also typically one of the more affordable natural stone options.

If you want to offer new options to your clients, you should let them know a little more about some of their limestone options both inside and outside. You might find that many of your clients will actually want to use limestone in one way or another.

Of course, these are just some of the ways that limestone is used in the construction industry, so you might be able to come up with even more uses for it. Once you start working with limestone when running your construction business or working as a construction employee, you might be surprised by how versatile and useful a material it can actually be.