Trends You Can Ponder For Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

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If timber elements complement the design aesthetic you want for your home, hardwood is the best material to invest in for flooring. This flooring option is exceedingly durable and adds a timeless appeal to your space, which makes your residence have a classic elegance no matter your décor choices. Moreover, hardwood flooring is available in an assortment of colours and grains and can be installed in myriad profiles, which gives you creative licence to customise your flooring as befits your taste. However, with a broad selection of colour options, you may be confused on how best to narrow down your design options. If you need some ideas, below are some trends that you can ponder for a hardwood flooring installation.

Dark-coloured hardwood panels

Individuals who want to achieve a stark contrast in the colour scheme of their home will find dark-coloured hardwood panels up to the task. Some of the species that you can consider include cherry wood, mahogany, jarrah and walnut timber. These types of hardwood have a distinctly rich colour, which will be highly complementary to a pastel colour scheme in your home. In addition to this, the deep, rich colouring of the grain is also fabulous at camouflaging any flaws your floors may acquire over time, making these species ideal for homeowners with younger kids or pets.

Blonde-coloured hardwood panels

If you find that your residence is already shadowy and want to increase the natural illumination in the space, your home will be better suited to blonde-coloured hardwood panels. The pale colour scheme that these panels provide allows for light to be reflected off your flooring, which in turn will make the interior of the house seem airier and brighter too! Another design benefit of blonde-coloured floor panels is how they suit any colour scheme since they are not conspicuous. Some of the fair-coloured hardwood species that work great for your flooring installation include ash, maple and birch.

Whitewashed hardwood panels

Homeowners who have a contemporary design scheme and prefer a modern integration may gravitate toward whitewashed hardwood flooring. This look is attained by distressing the hardwood after it has been painted. Hence, the result is not a solid white but more of an amalgamation of neutral undertones such as black, grey and white that are reminiscent of beach houses and Mediterranean design. Whitewashed hardwood flooring works well with whitewashed cabinetry as these tie the entire aesthetic together.