Carpet Tile - A Transformative Flooring Solution for Your Home

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Finding the best carpet for your home can be a frustrating journey. Other than ensuring that the size is perfect, you have to peruse through a myriad of designs, colours and profiles, which can take a considerable amount of time. If you want to simplify this process as much as you possibly can, you should consider carpet tiles. This form of carpeting was previously commonplace in commercial premises, as it offers a versatile flooring solution, but in recent times homeowners are beginning to realise the vast array of advantages that it provides. So why is carpet tile a transformative flooring solution for your residence?

Carpet tile is incontrovertibly durable

The most surprising benefit of carpet tile over conventional carpeting is the astounding durability that it offers! A little-known fact about carpet tile is that it's manufactured with vinyl backing, which is not present on traditional carpeting. The vinyl backing functions to ensure that the carpet tiles will stay securely in place. However, this backing inadvertently also makes the carpet tiles water resistant! Therefore, the benefits of this vinyl backing are two-fold. Firstly, by remaining secure on the floor, your carpet tiles will not become misshapen and need re-stretching as regular carpeting periodically does. Secondly, the water resistance of the vinyl protects your carpeting from mildew and other forms of water damage.

Carpet tile is astoundingly simple to install

Finding the perfect carpet for your home is one thing. But getting through with the installation process is an entirely different project. Laying down a large rug, particularly when you are looking to have wall-to-wall carpeting installed, can be extremely arduous and tedious. Besides, it can take a considerable amount of time, which will inadvertently increase your installation costs! Carpet tile is wondrously convenient because it does not require the same intensive labour. Since carpet tiles are available in miniature squares, they are incredibly easy to manage. Most of the effort goes into the application of adhesives to keep the tiles in place. However, if you would prefer to embark on the installation process by yourself, you can always opt for self-adhesive carpet tiles, which are remarkably user-friendly for homeowners who would rather DIY projects.

Carpet tile allows for style experimentation

If you have a flair for interior design and would like your flooring solution to reflect your innate style, then carpet tile is an excellent option. Rather than have to select preconceived colours and styles, you can mix and match different colours to create your individualised carpeting! Hence, carpet tile allows you to personalise your home as much as you want with striking patterns, unique colour combinations and more.