How to Purchase Laminate Flooring

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Wood laminate flooring is a convenient and durable option for the home. It can be customised to fit different styles of home décor while adding a fresh touch to the home.

When it comes to purchasing laminate floors, you need to know how much material will be necessary for installation. You will also need to determine how much it is likely to cost to hire a contractor for the installation. When preparing to purchase laminate floors, the following steps are important to take.

Measure the rooms

Start by measuring the length and width of each room. The laminate floor panels should fit along the floor surface of each area of the home that you're targeting.

If you have rooms that have unconventional shapes, start by measuring the length and width across each room's farthest point. You can also segment the room into separate portions and take individual measurements of each portion. Carefully note down these measurements in one place so you can easily access them at a later date.

Calculate square metres

The next step is to calculate the square metres of each room. Laminate floors are typically measured in square metres. You will need to convert your individual measurements to an area measurement for easy reference.

To do this, multiply the length and the width of each room that requires laminate floors. Each length x width calculation will give you the area of that particular room.

Purchase the underlayment

Most laminate floors will require an underlayment material that provides protection against water damage and support to the upper laminate floor panels.

An underlayment can be sturdy for a hard feel to the floor or softer for a more cushion-like feel. Now that you have the area measurements for each room, determining how much underlayment material you need will be easy.

Select the desired finish

To finish off the calculation for material costs, determine what type of finishing you prefer. The finish will be determined by which mouldings, trim or transition materials suit your home.

A laminate flooring contractor can show you their products catalogue for you to select your desired finish.

Hire a contractor to carry out installation

Once you have all the dimensions for the rooms and materials that you will need, all that is left is to find a contractor for laminate floors. You will be able to get more accurate quotes for your floors because you have all the measurements ready. You also have the freedom to shop around for the best deal in pricing.