Bathroom Renovations: Three Smart Tips on Installing Mosaic Glass Tiles

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If you are planning on renovating your bathroom to enhance aesthetic appeal or boost your home's value, you should think about installing mosaic glass tiles. These units are perfect for flooring in the bathroom because of their low porosity. This beneficial characteristic makes them invulnerable to water damage, staining and fungal growths. Also, mosaic glass tiles have an exceptional visual impact. Their luminous appearance will give your space a fresh look. On the other hand, you should remember that the appeal of your tiles will depend on how well the units are installed. Here are some practical tips to ensure ideal results.

Focus on Surface Uniformity

One of the common problems experienced after the installation of mosaic tiles is the formation of waves, lips and warps. These imperfections will cause a decline in the appeal of your newly renovated bathroom. Additionally, the problems can extend to a reduction in function. In general, these issues can be traced back to the poor application of grout. If the grout used during the installation process is not firm enough to support the glass tiles, they will shift from their original position. Consequently, there will be warping. Also, if the applied material beneath the tiles is not even, the surface will not be level. Therefore, you must choose the right grout and apply it as directed.

Avoid Cutting Your Tiles

Cutting tiles is a common practice during the installation of the flooring and wall material. However, it can ruin the appeal of your mosaic glass tile surface. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid cutting the tiles during your project. If you discover that your bathroom has an edge which cannot accommodate an entire tile, you should consider covering the section with a trimming material. This design choice will allow you to cover the entire bathroom without compromising aesthetics.

Cut the Tiles Correctly

In some cases, cutting tiles is unavoidable, especially in the shower area in your bathroom. If this is your situation, you should acquire the right tools for the job. If you would like to cut multiple tiles, you should obtain a rail or snap cutter. However, for most small-scale projects, you can use a nibbler for the process. This pliers-like tool will only cut a single tile at a time, but the results are typically satisfactory.

The installation of mosaic glass tiles during bathroom renovations can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, if you would like to ensure that the final surface is perfect, you should engage an experienced contractor for assistance.