Top Benefits Bamboo Flooring Will Provide Your Residence

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Homeowners seeking for the aesthetics that hardwood timber offers who can't afford to splurge on premium quality wood will find that bamboo provides a sterling alternative. Over the years, bamboo flooring has steadily become a favourite for architects, contractors and homeowners alike, as it offers a host of benefits that can't be matched by other building supplies. If you are thinking of remodelling your home's floors or if you are about to embark on a new home build, you should read this article on some of the top benefits that bamboo flooring will provide your residence.

Bamboo flooring offers a sustainable construction material

Bamboo may look and feel like wood, but in reality it is a type of grass. The rate at which it grows coupled with its inherent strength makes it a great alternative to natural timber. When more and more people gravitate toward bamboo for their building supplies, there will be a decrease in deforestation, which in turn will translate into a healthier environment. When bamboo is harvested, only the stem of the part is cut away, leaving the root free to grow. This regrowth makes bamboo even more sustainable than other materials, as the harvested plants do not require replanting to get new bamboo!

Bamboo flooring offers dimensional stability

When contemplating new building supplies for your home, you have to consider their innate dimensional stability. This feature refers to the material's capability to acclimatise when exposed to humid environments as well as erratic changes in temperature. Natural wood floors may be aesthetically appealing, but they do not have much dimensional stability. When the natural wood floors are exposed to moisture, heat, freezing temperatures and more, they are bound to acquire structural flaws in the form of cracking, buckling and even warping. Bamboo, on the other hand, can be installed in any environment, and it will be able to withstand the conditions that it is exposed to while maintaining its original integrity.

Bamboo flooring offers multiple finishes

People that are unfamiliar with bamboo as a building material may be under the assumption that it is only available in one hue. The truth of the matter is that bamboo not only comes in disparate hues, but it is also available in varying finishes, depending on your needs. From satin flooring to matte bamboo floors, you can be guaranteed of finding something to suit you. Moreover, you can opt for additional features in your bamboo finish such as UV resistance, anti-slip coatings and more.